The AWLA Team

SAFE Inc has been rescuing and re-homing pets in Western Australia since 2003, through a successful foster care model operated by volunteers. SAFE foster carers provide temporary home-based care until a permanent home is found, eliminating the need for a shelter to house homeless animals.

We have branches and networks supporting each other right across the state, working towards zero euthanasia of rehomable pets and a good quality of life for all companion animals.

Our mission is to save homeless pets from unnecessary euthanasia by fostering, de-sexing and permanently rehoming them.

SAFE is keen to see caged care kept to a minimum and used only when necessary, such as for quarantine, behavioural assessments and emergency overflow – while the majority of homeless pets are able to enjoy the benefits of  foster care.

We want to see a reduction in the over-population of pets by promoting responsible pet ownership and pet de-sexing.

SAFE – Saving Animals From Euthanasia