Legislating for the Welfare of Companion Animals

AWLA is advocating for legislation which will ensure responsible breeding practices. Consistent national legislation can reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats and protect the welfare of breeding animals and their offspring.

A national solution to protect the welfare of companion animals would see all breeders identified, licensed and abiding by mandatory and enforceable standards. The number of breeding permits issued could be regulated to achieve a balance between supply and demand. Licensing and enforcement costs would be met by breeders under a user-pays system. There would be a limit on the numbers of litters which could be bred each year. Breeding premises would be monitored and visited annually by independent inspectors. Unethical breeders who kept animals in cramped conditions or constantly pregnant would not be granted permits. Responsible breeders would have nothing to fear and everything to gain from this overhaul of breeding activity, as it would weed out unscrupulous breeders who bring the whole industry into disrepute.


Effective national legislation will include:

  • The licensing of all breeders of cats and dogs
  • A set maximum number of breeding animals permitted under the license
  • Regular and independent inspections of breeding facilities
  • Breeders bound by a set of enforceable breeding standards
  • The de-sexing and micro-chipping of puppies and kittens at point of sale

Help us achieve a better life for all puppies and kittens. Let your state and federal members know you don’t support unregulated puppy and kitten breeding and lobby for a national permit system to reduce the numbers of unwanted dogs and cats.