Why Partner With Us

As a national body with member organisations operating state by state:

  • We have the  advantage of being able to deliver corporate partnerships and messages that have strong national reach with a tailored local focus.
  • We have a strong team, led by a national manager as a central point of contact.

Animal welfare is high on the agenda for customers and employees:

  • 64% of Australian families have one pet or more.
  • Animals are used to promote people products more than any other product.
  • Animal welfare is recognised as one of the most popular charity causes for employee volunteering.

Workplace Giving

The strongest case for payroll giving must surely be the link to human resources; increased employee goodwill, improved staff morale and better recruitment and retention rates

Ethical Corporation magazine

Cause related marketing & customer fundraising campaigns

48% of consumers said that cause-related marketing motivated them to switch brand, increase usage or try a new product

Business in the Community Brand Benefit Report