Why foster care matters for animals and humans alike

Foster care is an important and invaluable way of giving shelter animals and rescued animals a second chance at life.

It also delivers a range of benefits to the foster carer, as well as the pet.

EbonyFoster carers give these animals the opportunity to temporarily spend time in a safe and loving home environment; to experience, enjoy and learn from the care and attention that is lavished on pets with permanent homes. This nurturing and loving support is provided until the shelter animal is ready to be adopted.

The number of shelter animals and rescued animals is growing and the need for more foster carers is greater than ever. Every animal in a foster home is one less that shelter staff and volunteers need to assist, creating a greater capacity for other animals to be welcomed into care.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to experience the sense of accomplishment that comes from being a foster carer, Sally Gartside and Ebony’s story, will warm your heart.

For more information on How To Become A Foster Carer, visit our state partner Shelters and Animal Rescue organisations:

AWL NSW      Lort Smith       AWLQ       AWL SA      Dogs Homes of Tasmania      SAFE Inc


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