Stop animal suffering on puppy farms – A Call To Action


Help animals who are suffering on puppy farms by taking action to oppose this Bill:

The Criminal Code Amendment (Animal Protection) Bill 2015

(better known as ag-gag legislation).


The Bill seeks to prevent animal advocates and welfare groups from documenting inhumane practices on puppy farms, factory farms and other animal industries.

Under this Bill, the recent exposure of animal cruelty within the greyhound racing industry would likely have been a criminal act.

It attempts to silence animal advocates by imposing extremely harsh penalties on anyone who records evidence of malicious animal cruelty without immediately handing over that evidence to authorities.

Often long-term investigations are required to gather evidence of animal abuse. The requirement under this Bill to hand over footage or photos within one business day reduces the capacity to gather evidence and build a case.

It is nearly always undercover investigations by advocates that shed light on mistreatment and abuse, and help bring about much-needed relief for the animals involved.

Exposing the mistreatment of animals is a service. Cruelty to animals is a crime!

Existing trespass and biosecurity laws are sufficiently robust to deal with undercover surveillance events.

Without surveillance, the public have no meaningful way of being informed about how animals are being treated.

Consumer expectations have evolved to require higher levels of transparency and accountability around animal welfare.


Voice your concerns in an email to the Senate Committee responsible for progressing the Bill to the Senate (Senate Rural and Regional Affairs Committee)

Email address: Email submissions are due by March 12th.


    Dawn Mead said:

    All animal cruelty needs to have consequences. No one should be allowed to continue cruel practices – but targeting those who are trying to stop these practices is wrong. Why within one day? How can that possibly result in a fair case for either side? Stop spending all your time trying to hamper the fight and instead start getting to grips with the real issue. Do something to make Australians proud, stand up against all forms of cruelty, and show Australians that at least some politicians still have integrity and compassion. Thank you.

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